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New site, new blog

 For those of you who are LJ only and haven't followed me to Facebook or anywhere else yet, well, I think I'm just about all done with LJ.
LJ served a great purpose for me, particularly during my cancer treatments and earlier times when just sitting down and writing long rambling posts about my feeeeeelings and day to day work were fun. I just don't have that in me anymore, any need I have to say things is satisfied by shorter posts on facebook these days.

So, I probably won't be closing LJ or anything like that... I just won't be here much... even less than I am now... which is to say, not at all. Every month or so I stop by and skim through my friends page to get an idea what's going on in the world, and that's probably all I'll keep doing here. 

As for other bloggy/social-networking-ness...

> For those who I consider to be friends- anyone I've known online for yeeears and have shared more than a passing word or two with, my personal facebook page is here- 

> For those who don't really know me but wanna stalk me on facebook anyway, go here-

> I've revamped my main website, and added a blog to it where I now house all my longer and more informative posts at and will continue to write and post things there of a more article like nature.
selina fenech fairy fantasy artist art

LJ changes?

 I don't get this new facebook thing everyone is upset with (I get why they're upset, I just don't get the feature). I can understand reposting your own entry to somewhere else if you wanted to, but I don't get reposting comments and stuff, particularly comments on other peoples private blogs? Why would they make that feature? Why would anyone want to use that feature? Weird.
But anyway, it doesn't really matter to me. I'm not here much anyway any more, and it seems most of my friends are heading to other shores as well, not that I'm here much to keep up with everyone anyway. I'm planning on setting up a seperate blog inbuilt as part of my site but mostly just for more informative articles and such rather than general ramblings- that's what I tend to do on facebook :) 
So I'm not really sure what the point of this post is other than to say I hope I see ya'll around in some place or another! I might give up LJ altogether if I hadn't just started following Cassandra Clare here, hehehe.

And also, regarding LJ's bad decisions.... from my VERY brief skimming over the LJ maintenence posts, were they having some kind of competition to redesign the top banner? And the BEST they got was someone who had some standard photoshop plant and butterfly brushes? Really?
selina fenech fairy fantasy artist art

Fallen - Limited Edition Angel Art Booklet from Selina Fenech

Book - Fallen by Selina Fenech-Selina, Fenech, Fallen, angel, comic, story
Click Image for Larger Image and To Order
Fallen by Selina Fenech

Fallen is an illustrated silent story about an angel lost in a dark and dirty world.

First created when I was 17, a short edition of booklets was sold in 2000.

Now, this 10th anniversary reprinting makes this story available again in print, as a limited edition of 100 booklets. Each booklet is A5 in size (approx 21x15cm or 6x8 inches), and beautifully printed in sepia tones.

The 28 page booklet contains the complete remastered graphite artwork collection which tell the story of Fallen, along with information about the story and the artist, and how the story developed. It also contains a never before seen earlier inked version of the story.

This is a beautiful item for collectors, those who have a copy of the original printing will find this to be a worthwhile edition, printed in much greater quality and richness than the original booklet 10 years ago. For newer collectors, this charming story is both moving and thought provoking, having inspired stories and poetry over the last ten years. Each booklet is signed by the artist and numbered on the inside cover.

This limited edition of only 100 is selling quickly, and will not be reprinted.
selina fenech fairy fantasy artist art

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Please give a warm welcome to a brand new artist in the Fairies and Fantasy range!

Stephanie Pui-Mun Law!

We're excited to introduce our newest artist to the Fairies and Fantasy range - Stephanie Pui-Mun Law! Stephanie's unique and whimsical style adds a new dimension of the fantastical to the Fairies and Fantasy range. Come and get lost within her wondrous worlds she's created!

In the New Releases you can see the current 20 artworks we've releases from Stephanie as Art Prints, but these artworks are also available in most other products throughout the range! Just visit the brand new section that houses all of Stephanie's gorgeous artwork products at the Stephanie Pui-Mun Law Range

We've got heaps more of Stephanie's art to release over the coming months, including her complete Zodiac set and many of her incredible Shadowscapes Tarot artworks!

Fairy Art and Mermaid Art - New Releases
selina fenech fairy fantasy artist art

Sketch Fest Wrap up!

I just participated in the August Sketch Fest from Ellen Million Graphics again. It's become a monthly ritual for me, or you could say addiction! I love joining in for it, and I can see some obvious and swift improvements in my work since I started way back at the beginning of the year (I think May was the first one?).

As usual, all sketches must be done within one hour, and are inspired by prompts from visitors. You can find out more at

This month, I focused on sketching more interesting poses without using any photo or model references. I didn't have as much trouble with it as I thought, a clear sign of the improvements I've made from being part of the sketch fest I think! Sketching has become so much more fluid and easy for me now, I was so rusty back in the beginning.

When you are working to a short time frame like the hour deadline, I find I don't do barely any erasing. I just clock out shapes and go from there. So there are often still issues with the sketches that could be fixed and changed by erasing back and starting again, but I try and avoid doing that for these, I just go with the flow and learn from the process moer that way!

This month I got ELEVEN sketches done within the 14 hours I was awake for during Sketch Fest!!

And because I didn't post them here last month, here are the eight from the July sketch Fest that I got done (I had done nine but one has gone missing!).

selina fenech fairy fantasy artist art

Memory's Wake - Finished!

Well, I have a complete first draft of a novel done! My word count hit 73,000 words, which is quite respectable for a first novel in a young adult fiction style. I'm sure there'll be LOTS of changes in editing, but still, quality aside, I've written myself a novel!

I want now to leave it alone for a while. Although some of the final chapters I've wrote I've barely glanced over a second time, I think I should back away for a while and come back to it again later when my mind has had time to refresh. During that away time, I'd love to have some people read over the full story!

If you're interested in reading my novel "Memory's Wake", which is a somewhat gritty, young adult fantasy, fairytale story, comment here! If you want a taste first, here's the first chapter -!/notes/selina-fenech/memorys-wake-teaser-chapter/417703599238
FYI, I'd probably rate it like a PG13 or something... there's a fair bit of violence, adult themes, a little swearing... But overall (hopefully!) not too dark!

I'm not going to pick a lot of people... It's only a rather rough draft at this stage, and I don't want it going around that much! I want to pick a sort of cross section of readers. Some older, some younger, some professional readers, some professional (or wanting to be!) writers, some interested in the genre, others not, etc. So let me know a little about you and your interest in my story in your comment so I can decide who gets to read :)

In return for reading, I would want a review. No worrying about picking up spelling and grammar and punctuation errors, that will all get looked at later. What I want to know at this stage is what you think about each of the characters, love them or hate them, are the bad guys bad enough, are the relationships real enough but still exciting, whether you guess the plot and story twists early on, whether the plot and story twists make enough sense at all! Whether the story keeps your interest all the way through or if it gets boring anywhere. All of that sort of thing.

So, if you're interested in reading, and willing to put in the time to review, comment below! I'm screening comments, so I think that means you can put in an email address for me to send you a copy without it being public. But don't trust me on that, I'm LJ stoopid these days cos I don't spend enough time here anymore. ;)
selina fenech fairy fantasy artist art

Sketch Fest Wrap Up

 EMG May Sketch Fest was today. It's 11pm and I've been sketching pretty much since I got up this morning, with normal day to day stuff between. Still, I'm sort of sad to miss the next 7 hours or so before Sketch Fest ends 6am my time.
I managed to get all of these done, for the fest. All under one hour (many about 30 mins, seems to be my average time for this sort of thing) and all based on inspiration "Prompts" left by Sketch Fest participants. I also did a couple of other quick character sketches for myself as well, not shown.

Clickly clicky for larger versions.
Prompts, in order, were-
Children of the Night
Art Nouveau style pirate
Rainy Day dragon
one figure on a hill top reaching for stars, tattered wings and lone tree
Cute anime wizard
Moon goddess


You can even watch a time lapse of me sketching the Pirate sketch above here-
Already looking forward to the next Sketch Fest!
selina fenech fairy fantasy artist art

Tarot Bags are here!

Fairy Art and Gothic Art- Dark and Light Fairy Tales by Margaret Dean

News from !

Tarot Bags are here! We're so excited about this beautiful, multi-purpose new product we've released. Printed on so silky soft fabric with a big vibrant artwork, these pouches are a good usable size at 7x10inches, or 18x26cm in size. Use them for your tarot decks, crystals, jewelry, dice, or any precious little thing!

Ten designs from each artist have been released, but don't worry, we'll be expanding the ranges soon! If you've got a favourite artwork you want on a Tarot Bag, just let us know!
 -See all Tarot bags in the New Releases Section  

See our video demonstration of the tarot bags at the Fairies and Fantasy YoutTube account!

We also have a bunch of new greeting cards in stock. Four new card designs from Selina Fenech, Michele-lee Phelan and Jessica Galbreth, plus all of Margaret Dean's greeting cards are now back in stock!
  -See all New Card designs in the New Releases Section  
  -See all of Margaret Deans Greeting Cards here  

selina fenech fairy fantasy artist art

New Michele-lee Phelan Art at!


Fairy Art and Mermaid Art - New Releases

  • Two new gorgeous fairy artworks released by Michele-lee Phelan!
    See all "Lightbringer" items here!
    See all "Silver Moss" items here! Please note that Silver Moss will not be available as Art Prints as it has been released by Michele-lee through her own site as a Limited Edition, which you can find at It is however availabl across the rest of our range of wearable, usable items!
  • We have a limited amount of canvas stretcher bars in stock, so we're offering for a short time Stretched Canvas Prints with your choice of artwork from the Selina Fenech range! See them in the Specials & Sales section.
  • All Spellbound greeting cards are on sale! These designs are dicsontinued, and can now all be found at a reduced price in the Specials & Sales section! You can order either the standard greeting card, or with the image in one of our great journals! These cards are also a great size for framing in standard photo frames! Get some artwork in your collection from these great artists before they disappear!
  • Last quarters competition winner has been selected! Congratulations to Shannan Haas who won a $150 gift voucher to spend at for her entry in the Customer Action Shot competition!
  • A new competition has begun for this quarter! The Be Selina's Model comeptition gives you a chance to have your likeness painted into one of Selina's artworks! Visit the Competitions page to find out more and see previous competition winners!

selina fenech fairy fantasy artist art

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Fairy Art and Mermaid Art - New Releases

  • Two beautifully blue artworks by Selina Fenech have been added to the range at !"Shades" is the dark lady on the left. She was created for the Enchanted Visions monthly art theme, "Shades of Blue". Created in acrylic, this is one of Selina's larger paintings, created at 42x60cm in size! "Fishing for Riddles" was created in watercolour and pencils, using a sketch Selina had stashed away for many years, along the same theme as her other "Riddle Fisher" artwork, based on her idea that fairies spend time fishing for riddles with keys as bait!Stop by and see them, and the new products that are available on in the New Releases section!
  • A huge range of new bookmark designs have been released, from ALL the fairies and fantasy artists! See them all  in the New Releases or in each artists section in their new "Bookmarks" section!
  • We've dug up some stock of Selina's old round style of fridge magnets, which we're now selling off at a bargain price in lots of 5 in random assortments. These are great, strong magnets, with no flaws, they are just an older style we no longer produce, so snatch up a bunch for yourself or presents for friends!
  • Did we mention a 10% off sale? Yup, is having a site wide 10% off sale for a short time only! To receive the discounted price, you will need to enter our website using the following link- The sale will only last until the end of March!

Also a reminder that this is the last month to get in your entries for our current competition (details at
The prize is a $150 gift voucher to spend in our store! You can get a big fairy art haul with that!