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Selina Fenech

News and Updates from Selina Fenech Fairies and Fantasy

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4 November 1981
I've been painting and selling my artworks online for many years now. I simply love painting themes of fantasy, myth and magic, love and whimsy, fairies, dragons, mermaids, unicorns and beautiful maidens. You can see all of my work at www.selinafenech.com
On my live journal you will find updates about my art and my business, as generally the FIRST place I post new artworks moments after their completion, news about new products and other updates about my business life. If you become my friend you might also get to read my private posts of my sad whinging, happy bouncing, and day to day life.

For more general information, stop by at www.fairiesandfantasy.com.au

Feel free to add me to your friends list or comment on my posts!

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